Board of Directors Meeting 
May 16, 2024
7:00 p.m.
via zoom
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Meeting ID: 874 8172 2274
Passcode: 866324
On Friday, May 17 and Saturday, May 18th. It will start on South Sandelwood and the island of the entrance.
There will be soneone directly traffic at the enterance and exit.
If you are wanting to rent the clubhouse you will need insurance coverage for the event …
this website may assist homeowners in getting an event policy …
this has been provided by the Loomis Ins Company the Melear POD A aka Borgata HOA insurance company. 
If you're having an issue with using your current FOB at the pool please contact 
APS the gate and FOB vendor at rfs@communitygc.com.

You can also visit, borgata.communitygc.com
There will be work being done on Magliano Drive
Wednesday, May 1 through Thursday, May 2nd, starting at 10:00am. 
The road will not be shut down,
this is just a friendly notification informing all residents to be cautious when driving.  
Borgata HOA
Pictured above is the call box (Telephone Entry) unit for your community.
Most times when you approach the unit the display will be blank. The unit should detect your presence and wake up the display, or you can press any key.
If you give your guests your directory code or entry code they can enter the number directly on the keypad and gain entry without having to navigate through the directory listing.
NOTE: Entry codes are not listed in the directory.
1. Enter directory code or entry code using the keypad.
2. Press the ENTER key.
Requesting Access with a Visitor Call
If your guest does not know your directory code, they must look it up using the listing. Names are listed DIRECTORY CODE LAST_NAME, F_INITIAL
1. Navigate to the Resident Directory using Navigation keys.
2. Scroll through the alphabet to the first letter of the last name.
3. Press Enter.
4. Scroll through the name list until you reach the desired entry.
5. Press Enter to call.
• The system dials the resident’s telephone number to establish
• NOTE: The resident’s telephone number will never be displayed to the visitor. • If the resident is using the telephone at the same time a visitor calls, the display will indicate to the visitor that the line is busy.
6. The resident answers the call and converses with the visitor to determine if access will be granted. The resident can use their telephone’s keypad to grant access by pressing the 9 key.
• After access is granted, the system will disconnect the call.
• The resident can deny access by hanging up their phone.
• The length of time the visitor is allowed to talk is 60 seconds after which the call will automatically be disconnected by the unit.
Requesting Access with an Entry Code
• To gain access to the community using an entry code the visitor must know the entry code. It is not displayed on the display.
• Residents have up to 40 seconds to key in their entry code.
• Up to eight seconds are allowed between each keystroke.
• All digits of the entry code must be entered. Example: If the entry code is 0042, the user must enter “0 0 4 2”.
• If the wrong key is pressed, pressing the ENTER key will reset the keypad. The correct code can then be entered.
• If the code is entered incorrectly multiple times the unit will not accept additional attempts until the lockout out period, 60 seconds, has expired.
All Units were provided a personalized code for each unit, for the unit owner to provide to their friends and families etc. If you do not know your unit code, after searching your email folder for Boaragat, please contact us at hello@jacksonlastra.com.
It has come to our attention that Verizon wireless is having a major issue with placing phone calls. At first, we thought it was isolated to a few callboxes, however, we are increasingly getting calls from different communities from Broward to West Palm Beach. 
We have NO CONTROL to fix this issue. This is a Verizon issue. Homeowners having issues with their guests trying to access the gate because of this issue MUST call Verizon or their carrier. If they hear from enough people they will take the issue seriously and look for a resolution. 

The issue is intermittent. We have reports of someone trying it and having it fail but then trying again in a few minutes and it works. 

When it fails a message from Verizon can be heard through the callbox speaker. Some people may be confused because they think they do not have Verizon as a service provider. However, what they do not know is that Verizon service is resold by Comcast / Xfinity.

This has been happening and getting severely worse over the past several weeks.

HO should do the following to help themselves:

1. Make sure the callbox phone number is programmed in their device as a contact. 
2. Make sure the callbox phone number is not blocked in their phone.
3. Make sure that Verizon does not have the callbox phone number listed as SPAM. This happened with ATT so I am mentioning it just in case this is a cause. I do not think it is because of the intermittency.
4. Call Verizon and tell them the issue they are having. Again if Verizon hears from enough people they will work for a solution. If one person calls they are simply going to classify it as an isolated user-related issue and do nothing.

We have received no less than a dozen inquiries today about this issue. I assume as Property Managers you will start to get traffic as well. No offense intended but please do not forward this issue to us, we absolutely can do nothing about it. Please share the information above with the HO.
Welcome to the Borgata Homeowners Association website. 
We want to extend an invitation to each owner, to attend the monthly Board Meetings. These meetings are held on the third Thursday of every month.
If there is anything that you cannot locate within this website, or if you have any questions regarding your community, do not hesitate to contact the Property Manager's office. The contact information is located at the foot of this page, or you may use the CONTACT form in the menu bar.

The Board of Directors


Borgata Homeowners Association is a picturesque Floridian planned gated community of 181 homes, open to all, located just off interstate I-95 at Exit 59.

Borgata is a not-for-profit HOA, originally incorporated as Melear Pod A, with Continental Homes of Florida, that is run by a community-elected board of directors (The Board). The Board contracts a property management company, currently Jackson Lastra Property Management, to maintain the community.

The Borgata HOA community offers many amenities including a community Clubhouse, Gym, Playground, Swimming Pool, and various events.


Brendan Masterson - President
Doug McElroy - Vice President
Israel Chavez - Secretary
Jeff Toeniskoetter - Treasurer


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We are the custodians of your community and the stewards of one of your most valuable and precious assets — your home.

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